Language Dilemma

As a young time-stricken researcher I am often faced with the challenge of keeping up-to-date in publications in my field.
L’Annee Philologique, which is THE search engine for classics publications, is only updated so fast and is remarkably narrow in its search parameters. It can be slow and time-consuming to dredge through the material. Alternatives include making journal lists and finding their own publication information (before trying to find out where you can get a copy of course); asking other often equally time-pressed and befuddled people and using the ever-obliging google if you can interpret your results well enough.

This leads me to a problem in common with all of these methods – the foreign language paper.
Maybe its just one paper in a colloquium collection, or one article but when its most of the collection or the most referenced book you’ve seen in months you have to dive right in. Now I grant you I am not as confident in academic French, German or Italian as I’d like to be but for me the problem is more fundamental than that. If I am busy, or tired or feeling incompetent I will avoid those papers without checking how important they actually are because it just takes more effort. I auto-filter JSTOR to English out of sheer laziness.
I know I can’t be the only one; so how do I: a) break the habit, b) find a more efficient way of working out which ones I have to read or c) not feel so guilty about it?


Any Thoughts?

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