Ah the weekend…

The office-workers psychological saving grace; time of rest, relaxation and fun. As a bar worker its our busiest time. I only work part time but it almost all weekends- thursday, friday, saturday and some sundays and there is nothing quite like that feeling when you start a shift as everyone else finishes and kicks back.

Surprisingly enough, despite considering myself an anti-social pseudo-intellectual/geek (Gods bless the internet), I rather enjoy my job. Sure its physically demanding, often repetitive and menial, but I like the fact I can burn off some energy after spending all that time thinking during the week and I like the fact I can see the results – when a beer is ready I know it was partially down to my expertise and when I finish at night the numbers against my name on the till read-out prove I did something. And ok sometimes customers are assholes, drunk people are loud, repetitive, messy and often outright rude, guys stare at my tits and girls comment on my appearance… but I’m lucky enough to work in a local. We don’t serve alcopops and mainly focus on real ale. My friends drink there and often socialise there, so I get a night out with drinks bought for me and wages at the end and sometimes complete strangers prove the genuine kindness of individuals.

So, do I like it enough to do this for real? If I had my chance would I take it and go out there in the world and run my own pub?

I’m seriously considering it. We will see where the ideas take me.

However, more immediately over the next week or two I will be writing some thoughts on being a good customer and if I am feeling adventurous I might write a beer review or two.


Any Thoughts?

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