Just a quick grump for now. My shoulder is aching today, more than usual.. and I don’t know why.

Some days I don’t really notice it unless I move in the wrong way and sometimes it nags at me like a small child asking why over and over again or I know that I will have tired it out by the end of the day and it will rise like the ache of post-3-day-run. But on days like today I can feel it grind and crunch underneath the blade and in the socket when I stretch or shift position and sitting for more than 20mins or so makes me want to cry as it stiffens and grows hotter. The ache runs from under my collarbone and down my arm – then across my back and up into my neck.

Sigh. I guess its time to take extra painkillers and be grateful that today is not a lifting day. Also not sit at my work for too long at a time.



Any Thoughts?

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