Pub Etiquette 1. & A Beer Comment

Lesson 1: Bar Staff aren’t scum.

The theory part of today’s lesson is very simple. Standing behind the bar there is a human being. Like other people they have feelings and they have good days and bad days. Some you will find interesting and others you won’t, some you will find attractive and others you won’t. Some are good at their job and some are not.

The practice part is not so easy.

  1. Acknowledge that they are a human being and worthy of some respect regardless of what actually happens.
  2. Try not to confuse someone having a bad day with someone being bad at their job – at the very least try not to jump to conclusions.
  3. Treat them as you would like to be treated – that is a little patience and courtesy will go a long way.

This means overall that we really appreciate please and thankyou and have something of an objection to ‘oi you’ or having someone snap their fingers at you like calling a dog to heel. “You look pretty today” is ok, grabbing my tits is not, but nor is sniggering with your mates about the way we look as though we can’t hear you. If we are confused or slow, it might not be because we are drunk, hungover or stupid – just maybe we stayed up late studying or looking after someone who is ill, maybe the meds have kicked in at all the wrong times, maybe we just got a new till or cooling system we are still trying to figure out. I am not saying that you won’t come across the drunk and the stupid and I’m not guaranteeing you won’t get snapped at for no better reason than the person before you complained about everything we did. Just give us a chance. Oh and smile you will probably brighten up our day just like that.



Beer: Dark Star ‘Espresso Stout’

This is probably one of my favourite pints. I am not going to try and sound like a wine buff or a true expert on the malts and hops – there are some fantastic blogs out there that do just that.

To me the joy of this Dark Star brew is its success in blending the coffee taste with the comfort of beer. It is true coffee is a lifeline to me (though I confess to having cutback hugely to try and create a sleeping pattern – with little success) but to be able to taste it with all its glorious bitterness with the smoothness of stout, mmm. I have had other attempts at coffee beers that have either been lacking in coffee taste and/or been all about the nose or aftertaste rather than all the way through———————————- — One of the main complaints I have read about this beer is that it somewhat lacks the body of a fully fledged stout, which I think is a valid criticism. If that is your criteria for stout I think this fails, as a drinker though I like that it is not too heavy – it goes down extremely easily even in summer but remains satisfying with the warm maltiness of stout.

Try it if you find it, but don’t bother if your barman serves it without any head at all cos it has lost all life by that point and don’t bother if you don’t like the taste of coffee.



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