Thesis vs. Pub vs. Family vs. stability


looking at buying a pub. Pretty much a fucking huge deal, new organisation, time schedule, life plans etc…

Kinda fun and exciting (and scary), kinda issue-some. In order to run a pub of my own 2 key things need to happen: 1 is moving from current job to new job (sorry kitten) & 2 is working out what the crap to do with my thesis. I really want to finish the damn thing and I don’t think I can explain just how much I want to be a Dr. but starting a business might just get a teeny tiny bit in the way in a scary sort of way.

Over and above the whole ‘lifestyle’ commitments I have the personal commitments that need to not be let down by a change in my lifestyle. Firstly that means not screwing over the people I work with and secondly it means being honest and loving to my partners. Unless I get hugely lucky, a business venture means less time for them out of the time I have and I don’t want to make them feel lonely or left out.

Combining finishing my Phd, running my love life & running a business sounds frankly monumentally difficult and yet in terms of where i want to take my life its what i want to try – does this make me mad or foolish or can i organise some compromise that means i dont lose the people I need most?

more thoughts required yet.


Any Thoughts?

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