Lucky Me

I am going to start with a gripe.
My shoulder really really hurts – as does my wrist. Does anyone know if alcohol has an effect on joint pain?
But I have had a good weekend.
Friday was rubbish, not through anyone’s fault (although the crazy lady hitting on all the people in the bar – my beloveds included- didn’t help) but just simply because my head took a dive into ‘useless me’ mode and I jumped at every sound and cried a lot.

So Saturday morning was a bit of a struggle and an effort to push through the mental barrier but I got out there and went and joined Kitten and a troupe of CAMRA members on a pub crawl. I was mostly there to boost numbers, be morally supportive and round people up as they needed a bit of chivvy and chat from a local. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it.
But after a last minute change-of-plan W & B were able to join me and we went to a couple of places I wouldn’t normally go – which was good for market research purposes – plus I didn’t struggle too much to talk to people I would normally avoid. So beer had and a pleasant time as well.

But today… today was awesome.
I got up to go to work, leaving a warm bed and warmer wife I might add, only to discover that I had completely misunderstood the rota reshuffle and I wasn’t working at all. After the initial annoyance at being awake when I didn’t need to be I took the plunge and rung my wife to get her to join B & I for a day out. With no advance planning we hopped on a train and hopped off one stop later.
First stop was a local church-yard and burial ground. Since we live in a town it was so nice to amble quietly amongst the graves and listen to nothing but the birdsong. We sat and debated the pros and cons of the stream by the bench before heading for lunch. Since B only knew of 1 pub in the village it was our first stop; the beer was in good condition but the football was on and there was no food so we began to wander. We did not have much success – ok so we found a waitrose (posh supermarket) and at least 3 buffet curry houses but that wasn’t quite what we had in mind. With some reluctance we headed back towards the station only to spot a distant pub sign luring us off our path.
What a gem.
Ok I admit the pub wouldn’t have been to everybody’s taste. It was covered in scaffolding, the interior was dated and a bit ragged as were some of the customers, all of whom had a distinctly chavvish air. But the staff and regulars were friendly and welcoming, the beer was a local one which I am fond of (the brewer is quite nice too) and well kept and the sunday roast was generous for the money and tasty. The loos were clean, as were the floors and the juke box was entertaining.
All in all unpretentious and comfortable.
So after lunch we headed back to town and to our favourite cocktail bar for the only part of the day we had planned: a tikki evening for the bar’s drinking club. Pay the entry fee and try a number of rum-based cocktails plus learn a little history about the drinks and their inventors. We indulged ourselves happily before heading home for the comforts of our sofas.

By the end of the day the two people I love most in the world were smiling – you just can’t ask for any more.
Sometimes its hard being me.


Any Thoughts?

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