New Toys

Today I spent several hours being shown how to use some new software. I have been given some shiny toys by the Government as part of the disabled student allowance to help me with my work. I am hoping that they will help me better organise my thoughts and my notes and that I will be able to resist using them to procrastinate.

On that subject: collecting and collating data into spreadsheets to form business plans is really very time-consuming. Are they really sure I have to have lots of paperwork before they will give me vast swathes of money? I have a whole load of market research to do, and to come up with realistic projected sales figures. eek. But tomorrow I go look at the pub… could be rubbish and then I should quit that idea for the time being while I am still ahead.

Oh well. At least I have been pseudo-productive today.

More on the software after I have used it for some actual research tomorrow.


One thought on “New Toys

  1. So I started playing around using the mind-mapping software to create linkages for the different historians to see if I could find better connections – not sure how well thats going really.
    Haven’t used the read-write stuff at all yet but might use it for some scanning tonight

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