Working and Writing

Today I remembered one of the hardest parts of doing my degree and masters whilst working in a pub – people talking to you.
Its bad enough when you are just reading a book, but somehow when you are also writing notes on it people feel they have even more license to ask you what you are doing.
“what’s that about?”
“is it any good?”
“why are you taking notes?”
“what for?”
“Why are you studying that anyway?”

I guess since I am doing a thesis on an archaic subject that I know fine well only a handful of people will ever read (unless I get a publisher…) that won’t make me money and that won’t change most people’s lives ever I should be used to people being baffled by the why. (Apparently for the love of the subject and for the sheer delight of learning more and making an original contribution to knowledge isn’t enough for most people) I also know I should be more used to the fact that at PhD level when I try to tell people what I am doing they will glaze over even without too many technical terms.

Anyway, grrr.
I just wanted to get through reading a chapter or maybe even two and properly assess the message of the book and its relevance but oh no thats a bit too much to ask.
It wasn’t even that busy.

Oh well evening out with the mrs last night was worth make her giggle and quiet night in with boy tonight.


Any Thoughts?

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