Sycophancy & Punk Folk

Apologies for the gap in updates. I have been mostly writing business plans, of which maybe more later. Also I realised that Thursday’s post didn’t publish properly – sorted now.

First, tales of debauchery and cleaning.

Went to a gig last night. First time in ages. I was kind of bullied into going by a friend who is a sound engineer who was also promoting the gig as the first line-up he was totally responsible for. As you might guess from the title it was a folk-punk extravaganza in which the bands quite clearly drank more than most of the punters and the music was loud and stompy. I managed a little bit of dancing without collapsing and generally enjoyed myself. Quite a few of the pub crowd went down and made a general ruckus so I didn’t feel too nervous and of course it helped to have B there. He does love going to gigs and it isn’t something we really do together which is a little sad for him I think, that said it is hard for us to go out as a couple except in either ‘safe’ company or else away from where people know my wife. But I am not going to descend into a whinge about the trials of non-traditional partnerships -we had lots of fun.

And I rather felt I had earnt it. Having spent a large amount of friday and saturday morning giving the pub a bit of a spring-clean and knowing it wouldn’t be appreciated it was good to let off steam. At this time of year local CAMRA choose their Pub of the Year (POTY) and it would be nice to create a good impression for a change. We haven’t won in…about 9 or 10 years despite being somewhere that many members and parts of the committee regularly drink. Their excuse is that our toilets need some attention (which is true) but their reason is that we don’t do food and we don’t do them favours. So anyway, and since it needs doing, I scrubbed the toilets. Not just in a cleaning the loo/urinals sort of way (that gets done at least everyday of course) and not even just wiping down the walls (I do that regularly too) but a scrubbing brush to every corner I could find. I don’t think anyone even noticed. sigh.

It would be rather nice for people to notice the effort we put in to keeping the pub running but I think it might be a losing battle, poor kitten – she does try so hard to be nice to them.


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