UnderAppreciated Advantages

Its one of those unmentioned blessings of having a 2 household family: M & I were having a new boiler installed (my bank account is very sad about this – but toasty warm wife = good) so the house has been freezing and noisy. However, since B’s house is but slipper-shuffling distance away last night M & I went round to the warmth of his and watched TV while he made us food. Today since I haven’t slept so well of late I padded round and curled in the bed he had just vacated to go to work, whilst M watched TV downstairs.
Its not everyone who can manage that.

I haven’t really complained about it here yet, but M is quite ill. Its one of the reasons we needed to be somewhere warm. Viral pneumonia on top of being bullied at work is really not good. I am very worried about her but I just don’t know how to help.

At least B understands why I’m stressed and M has learnt to let me look after her.


Any Thoughts?

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