Bourbon, Illness & In-laws

My poor beloved wife hasn’t been able to go out much this week. I am quite worried about how to cheer her up when she is too tired to walk up and down the stairs. A few different pills and some gentle daylight for her and hopefully a little research too. I just want to mother her though.

For me this week has included Bourbon & Vodka tasting courtesy of Eaux de Vie Importers (Heaven Hill & Square 1 brands)  – I rather drank more  than I should have but discovered vodkas I quite like (cucumber- flavour really works).

Also going out to see B’s parents for dinner to celebrate Daddy B’s 70th (Congrats btw – didn’t think he’d get there 2 years ago but..) – one of the difficult things about 2 sets of in-laws is 2 sets of remembering all the little family quirks and 2 different duties (its not that they aren’t lovely its just hard work especially when you want to tuck your wife up and try to stop yourself getting a cold).

All in all quite busy and now I do have a cold, feeling quite sorry for myself and feverish. Poor B is on baby-sitting duty for both M &I.


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