Quick Question:
How do you tell the difference between tired because you haven’t slept enough, tired because you are physically unwell and tired because your head is beating you down?

Once I slept 4-6 hrs a day (or less), and it wasn’t great (I was tired and pretty damn depressed) but I functioned pretty well – now I reckon to sleep 10 or 12 hrs and I still feel tired. I know partly I am not as physically fit and partly the ongoing pain in my joints is exhausting. I had a counsellor who suggested listening to the demands of my body and respecting the fact I feel like crap rather than over-rationalising and focusing on what I ‘should’ be able to do but now I find myself wanting/needing a lot of rest and still not really feeling invigorated or upbeat.
How should I find the balance between not pushing my body and mind beyond their limits and making sure I exercise and get daylight too?

Any Thoughts?

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