Shrove Tuesday

Ah Pancake day!

So today is a Tuesday (which is my night with M) and also the last day before Lent. We had both sweet and savoury pancakes, via Delia’s recipie, and used up some leftovers. Since M is Catholic (yes its tricky-no I don’t want your opinion) she will be starting a period of contemplation; she will also be alcohol-free and we will be eating fish on fridays. Though I don’t think of myself as Christian, I approve of spending a part of the year denying oneself in order to purge some of the mental and physical toxins we clutter ourselves with. This year I want to lose a bit of weight (anti-depressants sigh) and remind myself of the difficulties facing those less fortunate than myself by giving money to charity on every day of lent. Suffering  and the act of giving to others followed by redemption – its a pretty archetypal message, that suits me just fine.

I glad I won’t be partaking of abstinence on certain days though 😉


Any Thoughts?

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