Thesis Writing

Well its gotta be done friends. So far I have got maybe 30-35,000 words which is not even half-way; I do think there is plenty more to write but let me tell you it looks like a jumbled up pile of lego bricks that need sorting into colours before I can even build my house out of it.

Yesterday I discovered a brilliant method of procrastination – I made mind-maps showing the different historians I am using, their dates, dates of publication of key works and references to each other. Its beautiful, and I hope it triggers me to write coherently about influences but I suspect it was mostly a time-wasting activity. I have also been using my new software to make word documents out of some of my pieces of older text so that I can search for key words and export quotes. It feels vaguely like cheating and possibly on the verge of plagiarism (sp?) although I am actually stupidly careful about that sort of thing. If only I could get the damn machine to scan in Greek without trying to make it into English (you get some fun jumbles of characters – its bad enough with early C19th English)my work would be a damn sight easier. Regardless, one of today’s chores is to make pdfs of some teubner and loeb texts so I have the exact text and crit. app. in front of me but can send the books back to the library – and yes I’d love to own them but lets be honest finances say otherwise until I can find them second hand.

My other task for today is to email my supervisor (wince) mostly to get a kick up the backside but also some feedback on whats going well and what isn’t and whilst I loathe criticism with a passion constantly second-guessing my own standard of work is pointless and painful in itself.

Talking of painful, I must find a better way of sitting at my desk for long periods of time because ouch my shoulder was giving me hell by the time I finished yesterday. Anyone want to sponsor me an orthopaedic chair?


Any Thoughts?

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