Daily Progress.

Having written yesterday about my plans for the day’s achievements. I feel entirely justified in happily recording what I actually did.


  • Scans made. In the end I gave up even trying to make pdfs and just scanned at photo resolution. Means now I have to makes some notes on the Teubner introduction (which means slogging through the Latin) and send the books back to the library.
  • Emails sent. I finally worked up the nerve to send an email to my 2nd supervisor and ask him why he hadn’t made any comments (today he admitted he forgot) and I also emailed my main supervisor about a few things we chatted about.  – It doesn’t sound much to many people but actively asking for criticism is pretty damn hard.
  • I actively wrote a paragraph and changed a number of aspects. More to be done, but actual creative words..

Today didn’t quite go the way I expected it – shift changes all round and shopping, perhaps not as productive but some good times with M.



Any Thoughts?

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