World News

I remember vividly as a child being concerned by details of the War in the Gulf and pestering my parents with questions about why it was happening, the mechanics of warfare and the chemical and biological agents known to be available and their effects; then later as a teenager being paralysed by my overwhelming inability to help with famine and civil wars across Africa.
I don’t know when I became so hyper-sensitive to the world news but I do know that right now every time I look at pictures on the news, especially of the events in Japan, its more than mind-blowing and terrifying – its heart-breaking. I could write about the human cost or the potential dangers of the radiation problems, I could talk about how the disaster in Japan has switched public focus away from righteous anger about why we are doing nothing to help at least the refugees in Libya and other parts of the middle-east. But I think you know all this – what I want to express is the sense of the inexpressible.

I guess right now I feel vulnerable because some events around home-life and work have reminded me about the fragility of those around me.


Any Thoughts?

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