A Beer Post

Today I am updating from work. It is the first day of my med switch-over and I am currently reducing my dosage of citalopram. To cope with the change I am going  dry for a couple of weeks. In a pub that is something of a challenge.

This means that I can’t accept drinks from the customers which is what I get instead of tips and is a special type of currency. Being bought beer allows customers to see how much we care about the drinks and cements friendships and I know that I will need to find the right way to turn people down. I won’t be completely dry in the sense that I will still need test our real ales but the big challenge is resisting the temptation of the new. Have you ever noticed that the mystical beers of your dreams turn up when you can’t have them? At the moment we have a lot of old standards lined up in the cellar and the cold store but soon..

So right now I am thinking about smooth porter and good biting bitters, dreaming of drinks.

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