Fail, Stout & EDL

So about not drinking.. Haven’t started that yet.

My plan stands at starting properly on Monday (and yes I know that sounds wishy-washy) by which time I will be fully established down at 20mg. This decision was influenced by 3 factors: the first is Vanilla Stout, the second is tomorrow’s Prohibition Drinks lecture night and the third is my schedule. I think that not being at work for a few days and my beloveds being in a better position to support me means that I will be able to achieve this without trouble and get round my current anxiety.

So far that has been my main symptom of the reduction – increased anxiety. I also have a rather irritating headache and some extra thoughts of self-harm, but actually not as low as I feared. Hope that I can hold this up for the week or so.


MMmm so about the first reason I decided that not drinking was going to have to wait: Vanilla Stout.

This particular example was brewed by a personal friend/acquaintance and long-term regular in the pub who set up his own brewery about a year ago. He has made a couple of stouts before but in my opinion this is his best effort yet. The whole pint is a rich dark colour, beyond red into black, with a slight light-weight off-white head. The vanilla is strong and clear in its flavour but not sweet, it just offered the right smooth finish.                         I have to admit I was smitten.


And Finally: EDL

For everyone blessed without the background, EDL stands for English Defence League. A bunch of fascists masquerading as acceptable who are protesting about the building of a mosque in my local area. I will admit that today there were no incidents at the rally but just having them in the town left a nasty taste in my mouth. Where I live there is a thriving mix of afro-Carribean, white and Asian families. The Muslims and the Africans pray hard and don’t really drink. The Poles locally won’t tolerate drugs and work hard, the food is fantastic and everyone has been untroubled by M & I living together as a couple. Why would people go out of their way to say that immigration and Muslims especially are failing this country? I guess I will never get it.



Any Thoughts?

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