Hospital & Prohibition

Today’s event are 2 rather opposite ends of the spectrum. The mrs and I went and visited a friend in hospital and then topped it up with a specialist drinking evening based around the Prohibition in America.

First up – The Hospital.

I loathe hospitals in general in the way I think anyone who spent too much of their youth visiting nearest and dearest there agrees. However, it was nice to see a clean environment that didn’t smell too much and seemed well equipped. It was too warm and uncomfortable, but my friend had a private room and reasonably attentive nurses – there isn’t much more to ask for. It was nice to see that she is better than she has been, and though tired down on the morphine and less grey-yellow than before.  I hope she continues to improve etc etc.


So after that – the Drinking club.

I confess that tonight’s selection of cocktails was not hugely unknown to me. But for example, I didn’t know the original sazeracs were made with cognac let alone contrasted them with modern rye variants, nor had I tried using chartreuse as an absinthe substitute in the same – both of which were pleasing extensions to my palette.

What was perhaps of more interest to me was that the club had in some new premium spirits. Aged Lagavulin and Nikka 10 were the 2 that I tried tonight.

The Nikka Japanese whiskey was somewhat as I expected – a super smooth blend with an expert nasal kick. Subtle, with a slight honey nose and all-round saltiness, it was a pleasing drink. But as a peat aficionado the Lagavulin topped it with ease.  Like the standard version it was strong in the nose and after-taste but the body was warmer and had more caramel to it which smoothed the whole experience and left it lingering for a long and comforting time. At £50 a bottle, I’d consider adding it to my own collection I enjoyed it that much.



On an entirely different note, good times not withstanding, bloody med change is leaving me really tearful. Wish me luck with going dry tomorrow.



Any Thoughts?

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