Aching Bones & Socialising on a Rota

Dear oh Dear I hurt.
My shoulder truly believes I hate it and my hips are protesting too. Wonderful though I’m sure this mindful yoga is, I think its taking its toll even without pushing myself hard. If I am to keep this up I am going to have to check with my Dr that I am doing appropriate stretches that will strengthen my joints and not tear or damage them with too much strain. I am aiming to integrate the yoga with my physio exercises but I don’t have anything close to the energy for that right now.
I can officially blame some of my weepiness on ‘that time of the month’ and I might blame some of the headaches on that too but the meds are going to have to take responsibility for the all round miserable aching, waves of anxiety and fog.

Ok I’m done with that complaint – now I want to have a quick rant about scheduling.
I try very hard to give my loves fair and reasonable amounts of time in my company. W gets Monday day, B Monday eve. I get Tuesday and Wednesday daytimes to myself and Tues eve is solely for W and Weds eve for B. In an ideal week W then gets Thurs day and B accompanies me to work in the Eve. I work Fri daytime and the 3 of us curl up together in the evening. Saturday varies by work rota and Sunday usually has some time for the 3 of us and some time just with W.

This works quite well; it balances reasonably through our work patterns (incl me studying), allows both of them personal time with me and time for the 3 of us to enjoy each other company (or for me to feel extra special depending on how you look at it).
But (you knew there would be one didn’t you?) it all goes to hell in a handcart when we are invited out individually, collectively or as either of the couples. Someone will end up feeling short-changed by having to share and we will have to rebalance a whole week. As life dilemmas go its a good one to have – but some of our friends who we ignore to keep it simple or choose to visit in a configuration they would rather not have had might not agree. Socialising as just B & I can only happen amongst certain friends for privacy’s sake and W’s social Phobia can kick in without good support – its a minefield I tell you and why we usually come as a trio.
Sucks to be me 😉


Any Thoughts?

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