Mixed Feelings

Tomorrow the mrs is going to visit her Mother for mother’s day. This floods me with a whole host of feelings –

– I am sad she is going away

– I am anxious that her mother will make her upset and start to doubt herself and our relationship

– I am pleased that I can spend the weekend with B

– I am guilty about being pleased (and about not doing it more often, and about being guilty)

– I am bittersweet that its mother’s day and others will be able to enjoy the presence of their mothers and children.

Onwards and upwards… its B’s birthday on monday. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Mixed Feelings

  1. I guess I should gloss 3 things:
    1. Smother is a difficult but very ill woman who probably doesn’t mean to undermine her daughter’s self-confidence but is extremely good at it.
    2. My own mother died some years ago, but I do now have a very lovely step-mother.
    3. I am comforted by not being obliged to be a dutiful doting daughter in this respect to my step-mother or either mother-in-law.

  2. *hugs*

    I’m glad you listed the positive things there too. Having them written out can help to balance thing in your mind a bit more, at least it does for me when I do that.

    The guilt/pleasure thing is so intertwined that you’d probably start feeling guilty about not feeling guilty if you didn’t feel guilty – if that even makes sense?! Getting the thoughts out of my head is hard!

    I shall be sending positive vibes to your lovely wife – I know well how mothers can, without necessarily intending harm, cause emotional devastation second to none.

    Love to you all

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