In which I mostly Complain

Feeling grotty at the moment.

Unreasonably tired in a way that makes work seem like a horrific slog – I don’t think its physical in the sense that my body appears to carry on if I ask it to and there isn’t noticeable muscle ache (more than normal pain issues) but I feel as though my body feels tired.

My head is telling me I am tired and headachey and that everything is way too much effort – even fighting through that seems too much effort. I thought the sunshine was supposed to invigorate me.

Part of the trouble with the head producing the fog is that concentration feels almost impossible and therefore thesis-work isn’t getting done.

I am currently blaming my med switchover for the oddity – if it persists past the 2 week lag time for my body to try and understand the weird chemicals that I have put in it I may yet blame the pills but then it will be worth looking at something else rather than assuming it is me trying to work out how to do cheerful

Other than the fact I ache, feel tired and somewhat miserable, and homesick and haven’t done any work on my thesis and still haven’t finished my business plan and W is at a conference and B has a performance review I think everything is fine. šŸ™‚


Any Thoughts?

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