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As I mentioned in the last post, the beginning of May is a little emotionally over-crowded. What I didn’t make clear was the timescale – W & I got married 2yrs ago, the day after our first anniversary her Uncle died and this year the day after that my aunt passed away – but in slightly better news one of my cousins became a father yesterday to a healthy little girl.

I will confess to not being especially close to my aunt, she was on the side of the family I saw little of growing up and she split from my father’s brother several years ago. Nonetheless she was at my father’s wedding and has come to visit him on holiday several times. The cancer that killed her was very aggressive and I think it leaves her ex-husband and son quite shocked at her rapid decline. My cousin is (about) 13 and quite sensitive, much as I love my Uncle I suspect he will struggle with this change in his relationship with his son. I hope my father can give him tips on single fatherhood, though as teenage girls we were a somewhat different experience personalities aside.

We lost 3 customers inside a week earlier this year at the pub and another I was somewhat closer to before that also this year. Lets hope the 2nd half of the year is a little more successful.

On the other hand, as yet un-named baby girl is the 2nd child born into my family this year. Coincidentally the parents all got married the same year as me – fortunately these things aren’t catching cos that would be ..awkward.

The world gives and takes away; its good to remember the fragility of things sometimes.

And also not to get maudlin..


Any Thoughts?

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