I would love to be able to say that I injured it, or had something specific to blame for the way it feels but sometimes we just have to acknowledge our body has let us down.

The official verdict is a loose joint (hypermobility). Like my wrists (which I have also had my share of pain and trouble from) apparently I have more ability to stretch my shoulder than is strictly normal. When I was younger and fitter the muscles in my back and around my shoulder supported it more firmly but apparently stopping my regular cellar activities etc meant that it became unstable. Now it cracks and slips for the fun of it.

Some days its not so bad, some days I don’t even notice – mostly though its just a dull nagging ache where certain movements make me wince. Some days though I feel the burn across my back and a clunk in my shoulder each time I move. Some days the painkillers don’t touch the pain and I just grit my teeth hour after hour.

Too often, even on the good days, when I lie down to sleep all I can feel is the pain. One side or another compresses or allows the shoulder to slump in a difficult way; on my front either the tilt of my neck is wrong or my arm above my head aches and on my back I can feel the stiffness setting in. Worse than this is sitting on the sofa or in front of my laptop  – sitting upright with no support is agonising – I can longer work for more than 20 mins before the pain is too distracting. Sigh.

I hate that my body hurts but until I can get the discipline to do the exercises to strengthen the muscles everyday and go swimming once a week I can’t complain. Its also worth noting that I don’t always take as much as of the painkillers as I could out of fear of addiction and dependence. I have to decide whether 2 lots of naproxen per day plus co-codamol is what I want…


Any Thoughts?

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