I would absolutely definitely love to be dedicated enough to write coherently right about now – but I’m a touch too drunk. So have a list of things I need to be reminded to write about instead.

  • Maddie’s Funeral
  • Funerals in general
  • Failing to cope with people
  • New Brewery Fun
  • Pub Beer Festivals
  • Going on Holiday

The short version of my week goes like this. I built decking with the help of a friend, then my parents came to stay and we went to my aunts funeral; I had a small nervous breakdown,I didn’t finish with my Phd books, I went to work; a regular in the pub released his first commercial beer, I drank gin from a teapot and then went to a mini beer festival. Tomorrow W & I fly to Hungary.

Burble burble woop


Any Thoughts?

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