A Catch Up


So um I’ve been a bit vague in my last couple of posts whilst real life got in the way. Sorry about that. So what is there that you actually ought to/might want to hear about? I wrote a list a week ago and have been on holiday since but I have to say that all sounds pretty trivial.


I think the key point I wanted to put across a couple of weeks ago was about funerals. As you may have gathered I went to my aunt’s funeral – which was a difficult affair – and also talked to a couple of other people about funerals they had been to in that week. (Have you ever noticed that it these things seem to come in clusters? 2011 not the best year on the people staying alive front) I don’t think I have come to any real conclusions about what makes a good funeral or even what to expect from one and certainly I have been reminded how much the funeral is about the survivors expressing/feeling sorry for themselves (Don’t get me wrong that is a very important thing – its just that it has so little to do with the dead person it can be jarring). It would be fair to say that more than I expected it to Maddie’s funeral stirred up unpleasant memories of my own mother’s but also that I have had a chance to feel how lucky I am, even just for the experience that allows me to deal with such things.

Ok – Skip to Holiday.

I actually got W to agree to come away and not be in contact with smother for a whole week – I think she regrets it slightly now smother is being so cold and hurtful but it was worth that and besides no work for a whole week, not even answering emails. The holiday was not everyone’s idea of fun; apart from anything else we were staying with my parents. In some ways this is a real boon, my father has a very reliable credit card and he had is car there which allowed more freedom than we would have had alone. Plus he paid for the accommodation and the bulk of the food and beverage. On the other hand, we had enforced socialising and other people’s timetables to work and he snores.

Its not the same as getting true personal alone time with one’s partner but we had the opportunity to do things we wouldn’t normally be able to. I hope that the experience encourages W to believe she can break free and explore new things. I also hope she experiments with cooking ideas based on the different things we ate and that some day we will go back to the beautiful city of Budapest and see more of the things that fascinate us..so many museums and churches to go to…

Next up on my list of things to include is a brief alcoholic run down of the last few weeks but that will have to wait til later.


Any Thoughts?

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