Concentrating on my Thesis

Or not.

Today I am attempting bring my life back into post-holiday order. This requires me to get up, do housework and get back in front of my computer. I have, in fact, despite of my all-round sluggish mood actually achieved these things. Washing-up and kitchen cleaning are done and some other potter-y tidying done and as you can tell I have made it to the computer screen.


I have written some words on my thesis – more than I have done for several weeks – and yet I have definitively found myself wandering. Partially I know that this is related to the lure of the interwebs  but there is also the rather amazing colour of my wall and quite fascinating piles of paper that surround me. Stupid foggy head just drifting away – actually I shouldn’t call it stupid but I have to say it is very hard to form coherent paragraphs if you stop half-way through each sentence.

Even this has now taken me 2 days to write. I wish that I knew how to kick-start myself into thinking about more than half an idea at a time. I have tried stepping back and trying to think of my thesis as a whole project and I have tried thinking about what step I want to complete next. Neither has really done the trick. Any tips?


Any Thoughts?

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