Domestication Again

I’m back to wondering what it would take for me to be a good housewife.
I am currently in awe of my parents ability to keep the house clean and tidy and upright (we’ll not even get into the obsessional cleanliness of the smother) when my house seems to accumulate piles of junk and epic amounts of dust.
Worse I feel that as the woman at home, not only should I be tidying and cleaning W & I’s house but B’s as well – after all they both have to go to the office whereas I only do 20ish hours a week at the pub. I keep on top of mine and W’s washing-up and do B’s occasionally, he manages his own laundry and W & I have more clothes than is sensible anyway (must get round to charity shopping some of them and rag-and-bone some of the rest) But Just tidying stuff away seems a never ending battle and hoovering? I hate hoovering, but at least its faster than washing the damn floors.

I have to admit to a quandary about how much I should expect the others to do. As commented above I am the person at home most often but to what extent should W & B have particular roles or tasks? Additionally I have to be careful not to make B feel that his own work about the house is inadequate or unappreciated but also that he doesn’t have to be looking after me all the time and is entitled to some looking after too. Its an odd tightrope.

Is the problem my own time management or the amount of stuff we have? Would it help if I sorted out more storage space? – I am really looking forward to having some money for more shelving – or do I just need to a)make better use of what we have or b)throw away stuff?

And of course other than its (self-critical) reflection on my abilities as a woman and a partner is this driving need for domestic bliss merely a procrastination tool for my thesis? Or some sort of nesting instinct?

Hmmm, dust, tidy or go to bed?

One thought on “Domestication Again

  1. Comment, Instead of new post (sorry)
    So today I allowed some of the neuroses to take over and moved some stuff and bought a cheap bookcase in order to try and make the space feel more organised (I think there is still so much to throw away etc etc) anyway – it helps even though the rooms begin to feel more full as the books and dvds fill the walls.

    B was low today and couldn’t make it to work. This makes me sad. Part of the problem was that he felt overwhelmed by what he hadn’t achieved in the house of late so I did a little washing up and tidying up before dragging him into the real world. I hope it helped.

    And so to bed again

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