Teenage kicks & Family Matters

Just been having a bit of a 90’s flashback – its amazing how evocative music can be. The Mrs & I have been busy reliving the joys of the Fugees & Coolio & so on and reminding ourselves of times gone by.

Its odd how some things sort of fade from memory  – that sort of music isn’t what I think of when I cast my mind back (britpop anyone?) and the things I associate with it are more innocent – mainly just lying on the bed feeling connected and safe, listening (and actually not really fantasising about Lauryn Hill as much as you might expect). Those years of my life seem amazingly distant and sometimes more dark and difficult than is really representative of a fairly standard amount of drudgery, boredom, foolishness and frippery. Memory of a longish period of time seems to pull out the highs and lows and then bias to one side or the other without smoothing it all with the days of nothing in particular. I don’t want to forget the details of the extremes, the fact that events stick out (like exam results and discos and snippets of conversation) probably mean they had some impact on who I am today Its good to remember the mundane sometimes – and also what complete fools we made of ourselves, do you remember the clothes? And so much of the music? shudder.


In entirely unrelated matters.

My lil sister has gone to spend the summer in America and I am really proud of her. I know she is not so young any more, a degree and everything, but its not so very long since she needed constant reassurance and reminders and help sorting out details and planning. Partly because for a long time she very much lacked self-confidence and partly because she wanted to keep people around her and not take up responsibility and more recently also because of her recuperation after a serious head injury and its lasting effects. Now though I really feel that she has attained a level of independence and motivation that I find humbling and inspiring. It was a little thing really: the hostel she had booked for her first weekend in New York shut down with less than a week to go but she didn’t panic or ring me she made a reasoned and responsible decision about what she could organise instead within her budget and did so.

Love you K.






Any Thoughts?

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