Garden Games & Research

The last few days have been mainly been filled with taking advantage of the sunshine in order to build decking in our garden.

Having decided that we could not wait for pro help to make our garden work the way we wanted, W & I have spent the last couple of months digging out concrete and preparing the way for woodwork. Finally with a little time both at home we have a working wooden structure on which to sit and enjoy the weather. It has taken several rounds of power tools and a lot of sweat to put together. The hardest part for me has been getting over my fear of reciprocating saws in order to try and make straight lines for the joists and I think W’s worst trial has been the decking bolts – these monstrous bits of metal come with their own drill bit but get the angle just a little wrong and the drill spins uselessly ruining the head of the bolt and its own shape. Put it this way, we were grateful for the gentler screws holding the boards down and anything I could do with a hammer – I do like hitting things.

We intend to build another smaller deck between the completed one and the house if we can get the ground vaguely level. The idea is that it will be a little lower and rest on paving slabs rather than on posts driven in but first we need to clear the ivy and move rubble. Wish us luck


Meanwhile academia presses on with its demands for output. I know that the review is hanging over me and have been waiting for feedback to include in my report, but I can’t wait forever; not only does the review need to go in, more words must be committed to the page.

I am also suddenly aware that deadline for abstracts for the major British conference in my field is edging ever closer. At this stage of my thesis/career I really can’t afford to ignore the opportunity to present. Not only do I need to get out and find what other people are doing I have to go and stand in a room and show that my work is contributing to scholarship. So um.. need to pick a topic that relates to the streams at the conference but also covers ideas in my thesis so that it can be adapted to fill in my chapters and sounds interesting enough that I don’t get turned down…

Never Mind, Off to Cornwall soon and the world still has beer.

Any Thoughts?

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