More Drugs

I got a kindle so I didn’t have to carry so many books when I travel – is there a sensible equivalent for pills?

So a month had passed since my last adventure to the Dr. and thus yesterday I presented myself to the quack so as not to run out of pills. Bravely, I muttered that perhaps the prozac wasn’t really working for me. I have been taking fluoxetine for a couple of months (3 maybe?) now and have spent at least a month at the 60mg mark. I thought I was flat and blue on the citalopram but quite frankly the flat dull misery is better than the crying. I had forgotten about the crying – well not forgotten that I used to cry a lot, just forgotten that horrific ache in the chest and mind that accompanies it. So um yeah.. not better on fluoxetine, I feel like I might as well not be throwing those green and yellow pills down my throat. I could blame myself of course, I drink, and one shouldn’t with anti-depressants, and I don’t exercise enough which doesn’t help –  the fact remains though these drugs aren’t as good as I need them to be.

Hmm, says the quack, better on the citalopram? Yup, says me, it was even better when I was taking both.. Hmmm, he says.

So I have new pills. Not back to the citalopram but a different one as a combo to the fluoxetine. The plan is to reduce the fluoxetine back down to 20mgs (a couple of weeks at 40 first..) and meanwhile add in Mirtazapine, 15mgs to start with heading up to 30mgs, but remember to take them in the evening. Have you been following closely? Try to watch as I try to take the right ones at the right time..

I have started reducing the fluoxetine today, feel a bit groggy and headachey but I’m not sure whether thats related. I don’t know whether to take the first Mirtazapine tonight or not, part of me thinks its daft to compound the weirdness but part of me thinks getting it over and done with is a better plan. I want to be really optimistic about the new pills – apparently they might make me feel quite stoned and when they work they are fantastic but I’m nervous about the sleepiness and weight-gain potential. Being a fat slug isn’t exactly my idea of cheery, but perhaps the mood improvement will mean more exercise and no comfort eating – plus some people find the doziness goes away after a few days.

Watch this space and I’ll try not to rattle (if I take my new ones today thats a total of 6 pills – and I’m at 5 items on my scrips)


2 thoughts on “More Drugs

  1. I didn’t really care for the Mitrazapine, although it did make me sleepy. The major bad side effects were constant hunger, which in most people leads to over eating and a really bad taste in my mouth all of the time. It also made me very stiff – legs, back. Never took prozac, but did take Zoloft, which was supposed to be similar. That gave me an object lesson in the term ‘panic attack.’
    If depression is supposed to be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, then why doesn’t every medicine (in different doses) work for every person?

    • It would be nice to think that depression is just a chemical imbalance wouldn’t it? It sounds so ‘fixable’, so not our fault…
      Sadly our brains are so much more complicated than that; research shows that depressed people often respond to drugs that influence the amount of various neurotransmitters sloshing around but it doesn’t tell us why.

      Sounds like you have had a bit of a rough ride with meds, hope things are moving a little more smoothly now.

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