Mirtazapine: The beginning

So decided to take the first new pill last night, hey ho go with the flow right?
I was tired before I took it so I have no idea whether it made me feel sleepy but I do know it was 12 hrs til I got up again – no thats not strictly true, I got up and had a pee in the middle of the night, but thats normal for me.
I have to say I was most unwilling to get up and when I did I felt muzzy, a little like being stoned. I don’t know if thats genuinely a side effect of the new pills or something to do with reducing the fluoxetine or just me being me. Ditto feeling hungry today. I am feeling a bit paranoid about eating too much so I am trying to follow the cue of my wife and eating when she does and to satiate the cravings with water. I could say this is all psychosomatic, but since this is a head drug anyway it doesn’t much matter.
I am pleased to say that though a little spacey I haven’t had less concentration than usual, this is a big issue for me because without being able to do my PhD I would really feel a loss of purpose (taking a break from it was one of the hardest decisions I ever made and even then it was only the knowledge that I would go back to it when I had my head more together that kept me going)
Another day ticks by then, lets see what tomorrow brings…

Edited to add: Didn’t take another pill last night – decided not to mix it with the alcohol.


Any Thoughts?

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