Just give me the damn books already!

The eternal curse of the researcher, the unobtainable book – The Book, the one that has the information and references, the one you want but can’t get hold of.

At the moment I am feeling exceptionally frustrated.

In the last couple of weeks I have stumbled into this problem twice.. First a dictionary of British Classicists, an unsurprisingly heavy series of volumes which might give me information about some of the writers I am dealing with and will certainly help with my thoughts on the relationships to each other and levels of connection. This mammoth tome only sets its owner back £575 and is going to involve a trip to the Bodleian for perusal. The other is a book about coins found in Cornwall – this one only costs £50 but apparently the only place that actually has a copy is the American Numismatic Society.. thats one hell of an inter-library loan.

Its not like I even what to read the whole of either book, let alone own them I just want the glorious knowledge to come to me.. Is it too much to ask?

*stomps foot*

Any Thoughts?

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