Memo: Bruises

Note to self – when you bump into things you get bruises.

Logically I know that NSAIDs (ie in my case naproxen, but also ibuprofen etc) combined with anti-depressants have a blood-thinning effect, which is why they are on each others interaction lists, but I never think it will make a difference to me.
I have been taking prescription painkillers for nearly two years now and am used to the need to take pills to stop them causing an ulcer but the Drs rarely talk about the other long term issues related to taking them. When I am taking them regularly I often wonder what the point is since I still get hefty flair ups but when (as now) my supply runs out and I spend a few days without them I remember how much the aches run through my whole body constantly as well as certain joints being worse. I guess my feeling about anti-depressants is the same – its hard to see the benefits when you are taking them all the time and especially if you have a bad day despite the pills but not taking them not only means the bad days feel 10x or 100x worse but the everyday struggle is greater too.

Anyway. Bruises.
I must: – Try not to walk into things. Try not to fall over & talk to the dr about whether this particular painkiller is the best one for me

Any Thoughts?

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