By any other name?

A Rose would smell as sweet- so says Shakespeare´s Juliet. I´m not sure the logic is so simple for pub names.

The pub I work in has had its current name for nearly 18 years; we have built a reputation around it for a long time now but change is afoot. The guy who originally started the chain of pubs of which we bear the name has withdrawn our permission to use it and a new one must be found. Cue trauma and heartache.

Having been a part of building a reputation over the last 8 years and made and lost friends inside its environs the pub means something special to me. I know that no name change can take away the memories but it still feels like a bereavement – a loss of something that makes me (us) who we are.  I shall save mournful recollections of days gone by for when I move on as one day I must and devote my energy instead to the creation of a new chapter within those same walls and more importantly to keeping alive the spirit of fine ale and good company that makes the pub the home it is.

But what of the name itself? I shall be glad to rid us of the connections to other pubs of the same name and I shall be glad to change the emphasis from certain expected products onto what we actually offer but I shall be sad to lose the quirkiness, recognition and symbolism we had.

And Now there must be a New Name.

I can think of nothing more likely to cause heartache and rivalries, to stir up hostilities and worries than choosing a name – and don’t get me wrong this pub is more of a baby to some than any mere child could ever be (gods help those kids) but choose we must – well that is if we are allowed to by the [management co]powers that be.

Suggestions so far have focused on the weird and wonderful rather than the practical; the amusing-one-liner rather than the everday (and trust me there are some one-liners you do NOT want everyday- there are only so many head/penis jokes a sober person can take) so my aim has been to push people to look at local connections for some unusual gem but nothing has quite hit the mark and I fear that we may be in a situation where what we need is to pick something by consensus and learn to try and make that name ours…that is if any name can reach even a (regulars/furniture) quorum let alone a general majority.

Updates will follow..


Any Thoughts?

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