Disability: Other #2

I don’t like thinking of myself as disabled, I usually tick the prefer not to answer box on the equal opportunities forms (which is probably a dead give away ;-))

But I do receive Disabled Student Allowance. Disabled sounds like something fixable, it sounds like someone took something away and thats why the government gives me allowances – and thats Shit. I’m not a Political Correctness kinda gal and I can say that under the government definition I know I fit the ‘disabled’ bill but still it grates. I guess they can’t have a support for people who are a bit fucked up fund.. I just don’t want to be in that box, and even more I don’t want to add ‘other’ to that list too.

Its odd really. I’m happy with ‘other’ for sexuality and relationship status and hell gender if you fancy but my disabilities are not my identity they just represent a different way of functioning – like preferring to write or type; or like bouncing ideas around a room or a message-board. Yes, sometimes they are quirky and often the go against the established norm and yes sometimes I feel I need the protection the law offers me for the way I am and the time I take to stop me being ignored for not being the norm but I don’t want the pity that still goes with those labels.

What do I want?

I want people to stop harping on about making everyone able to reach the norm and start thinking about ways groups can include those whose needs are different or greater than average. I want people to just damn well think about the fact that things they take for granted can be fucking hard for some people!

Education, Education Education

Any Thoughts?

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