Daily Life

Update on things…

The Mrs and I have almost finished building decking and are pretty damn close to having a use-able garden, some finishing touches, some ivy extermination and soil for the raised beds so we can grow bona fide herbs and veg in our Own Garden, as well as sit with the computer and burn meat – How awesome is that?!

She has to go away for her summer exile with the smother soon 😦 It will be traumatic and worrying for both of us but I at least have the consolation of curling up with B, and a trip to France with him..Good Luck Sweetling, try to remember she does love you and that I will be waiting when you come back.

We have no further word on the pub name and are waiting for the next step.

Am still feverishly working on my thesis in the hope of it not being utter crap. Much fear just about under control.

Mood surprisingly stable. Go Pills! Next step more exercise..then I will be less rounded in the wrong places, also better mood and better supported joints because of stronger muscles.

Think thats it for now.

Any Thoughts?

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