Obligatory Commentary on Rioting

So in case you missed it some yoofs in London and a couple of other cities in the UK have been setting fire to things and looting shops over the last couple of nights.

There have been a lot of comments from politicians about how deplorable it is, and you know they are right that destroying peoples homes and livelihoods can never be applauded and yet it amazes me how quickly we can move away from thoughts about why people might decide to riot.

I would stress that I wholeheartedly deplore the kind of violence that puts innocent people’s safety at risk and I am saddened to see people frightened or put out of business but it is a shame that there is not more realisation that this was an inevitable step of expression amongst the urban ‘poor’ in the middle of a recession.
Bored Broke kids who feel cut off from the political system and like they have no future are easily encouraged to join into anti-social behaviour. Worse crowd mentality cuts in and the sense of right and wrong is reduced to them and us, where them is everyone outside of your mob – can we truly say we are suprised?

I am sad that this is where we are and even more sad that the solution is simply to send in riot police rather than engage..



Any Thoughts?

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