Plans: Thesis and Holidays

I have made two sets of plans in the last week or so. The First is my Plan for Finishing My Thesis, the second is some holiday plans – I am hoping that the first is a lot more successful than the second.

The plan, indeed THE Plan, for my thesis was the product of a planned trip to visit my supervisor L and a meeting with my new second supervisor. To be honest the idea that the bulk of my writing will be complete by mid-November and that I will have a full 80,000 word draft come January is absolutely terrifying. That then gives me the bulk of 2012 to do revisions… and have it submitted by October and viva’d before my deadline of May 2013. Thus I will be a doctor by 30, fingers crossed. I essentially have one chapter to write and its the main analytical chunk so it could be tricky to do in terms of writing clearly and expressing my points but on the other hand since its mostly opinion it needs less referencing.

The reason I hope this goes better than my holiday plans is very simply that we have utterly failed to go to France. Actually its not our fault that the train tickets haven’t turned up but as we waited we didn’t make a back up. There is one now, but the packing is still waiting to happen. ooops



Any Thoughts?

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