Knuckling Down

So holidays are over and its time to work again.

I am currently, as per The Plan, focusing on Chapter 4 of my thesis with absent-minded forays back to chapters 2 & 3 as the inspiration takes me (or leaves me regarding #4). It feels good to have stuff down on paper but I am struggling to formulate my theoretical points. I thought that I knew the points I wanted to make but they seem very ‘thin’ when I actually put them down so I may resort to putting them on the internet in a hope it will inspire.

  •  An increase in a positive sense of Cornish identity coincides with an increased use of classical history in Cornish historical narrative
  • That the industrialisation of the Cornish economy particularly encouraged a Classicising trend which was later reduced by a Celtic sensibility.
  • There is a heirarchy of classical historians to be used when structuring such a narrative – and further that there is a preference for quotation/translation according to ranking of the historian

Meanwhile, however, I am going to Glasgow for a Conference on Diodorus next week which should be a good chance for me to actually spend time with classicists outside my department as well as hearing some new research rather than catching up with it vaguely in weeks or months time. I am very nervous as I haven’t been around many scholars since I took my interruption and I feel intellectually fragile; also going places on my own is pretty frightening.


In other news the pub is going to be opening early for the rugby world cup. Early morning drinking?! Could be interesting/tiring.


Any Thoughts?

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