Not Concentrating

Been a while since I actually managed to complete a post here. Sorry.

Partly I got a bit bound up in getting older – quiet birthday celebrations were very pleasant – partly I am thinking about jobs (and doing my day job), and partly I have been trying to push onwards with my thesis.

In general I’m doing OK, not great but ok and I think I’m comfortable with that. Pushing to wake up every morning ready to face the world or expecting to regain full capability in my shoulder seem rather pointless exercises. 60% is the new 100%, I’m not the person I wanted to be but I am this person and that means making the best of it.

Current goals:

  1. Apply for a job at local university/make arrangements to go see a pub in Cornwall
  2. Finish Chapter 4 (by November!)
  3. Go swimming (fortnightly?) Walk to work at least once a week

It might not be much but its onward progress and I am determined that I can keep that going – that way I can give myself a break on the bad days, because I can’t pretend that they will ever go away, but I can work on not hating myself for having them.


Alright enough maudlin twaddle! I had a birthday, with balloons and everything. And I have 109 pages and 48,000 words of thesis (excluding footnotes and bibliography) so go me.

Any Thoughts?

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