So contemplating this whole earning money malarky – the pub trade isn’t the easiest way to keep the money flowing but I want to be able to do my research as well  – what options lie before me? And what happens when I finish the PhD?

I have been contemplating administrative jobs (the experience can’t hurt in any field), but right now there is an internship related to the impact factors in the REF submissions for my local university (not my home institution incidentally). It would be an interesting experience and paid a damn sight better than the pub but it would also be full-time. Would my thesis allow for me to be distracted by a 9-5 job? Would my mental health be improved by the structure or worsened by the pressure?
Some encouragement from my partners has encouraged me to write an application but I am very nervous.

Now I have just spoken on the phone to a rep from Enterprise Inns – I expressed an interest in finding out about pubs in Cornwall – but again I have to consider whether this is a viable opportunity. First and foremost am I prepared to take on a leasehold arrangement with part-tie rather than pushing for a free house proper? Secondly could smother cope? and Lastly could I finish this PhD?

So Many thoughts…



Any Thoughts?

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