Books to be Read

Have decided to try and push myself to note down things I want to read as an incentive to keep reading. The ability to read for pleasure or interest is the key thing that I lost as my depression deepened and I combined it with doing a PhD,  although as previously commented I flit from text to text as I research and reference fiction and interest often elude me, but its something I want to find again for everyday not just for hiding from my parents…
So Currently on the planned list:

Achilles in Vietnam – J. Shay (looking at how Homer’s text pre-figures ‘Nam PTSD)
Lost books of the Odyssey – Z. Mason (Vignettes on lesser characters & alternative stories)
Snuff – T. Pratchett (New!!!)
Making of Modern Cornwall – P.Payton (Thesis stuff)

Is not the most lightweight list going and none of it on my kindle- but its a start.


One thought on “Books to be Read

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