Chapter 4 again & the Gloriousness of Bed

10,000 words and I have completely lost the point!

I have written about some of the patterns evident in the previous chapters etc., looked at some of the historiographical trends and considered the impact of the situational context – but it doesn’t feel like its going anywhere.
So what solutions are there to this kind of writer’s block?
I’m really looking forward to some directly constructive criticism. The words ‘its shaping up nicely’ and ‘more signposting’ feel like unspeakable nothingness. What I really want to hear is something on the lines of ‘this section works well’ ‘this bit is confusing’ ‘is x what you really mean?’ etc.
Is it that I am terrified of finishing the damn thing or just that I’m rubbish at conclusions? Aaargh only another 5,000 or so words to finish this chapter I reckon.

Have I mentioned recently how much I like sleeping? This week W & I have christened our marital bed (incidentally the most expensive thing we own after House & Wedding Rings) Arcadia. And it is Idyllic, lying in the warm dark listening to the wind and rain outside and feeling safe. In this world I think we take sleep far too much for granted and I would like to call attention to enjoying it when we can.

Any Thoughts?

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