Freshers Fun & Silly Thoughts

Aw Bless.

Its Fresher’s week (for the uninitiated -that’s the first week of Uni for 1st year, mainly 18 yr old students) and they are busy meeting new people and going on pub crawls more or less in that order.
So it would be fair to say that as a reasonably small real ale pub (with resolutely no shots!) we are not on most crawl lists – we are well known to the Real Ale Society (the landlady might be local CAMRA young members rep) & to Rock Soc. (Just the odd one or two former members drink here… + we have mead..)  – but not really ‘safe’ for freshers. Still there are always the few who make it through our door of their own free will.
Tonight the darlings wanted to know about cider, music and relationships and oh my goodness the world holds so much more of all of these than they have experienced and walking into our bar was just the beginning..

In other silliness I really need to get over my feeling that Sleepy hates me. Also I spent a quarter of the night with the new pub name emblazoned across my chest – but it was only a subtle clue!


Any Thoughts?

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