Sunday Morning Coming Down

Hmmm. Watching re-runs of QI and contemplating music choices for the pub tomorrow.

My playlist needs to keep me occupied for 7hours (5 in the company of the general public) and can consist of up to 6 albums.  It has to not be so rousing as to disturb the poor hangovers of those around me but not so dull and depressing as to leave me asleep or miserable.

For me a little BB King is essential sunday listening, maybe some Waterboys for a little autumnal feeling but what else should there be?
There are some things I hate to hear in a pub but they boil down to 2 key areas: ‘pop classics’ and whatever Radio 1 is playing. By pop classics I mean to cover all manner of areas from Elton John and Robbie Williams, Genesis and Mud and so on… I’m sure these things have their place and don’t get me wrong cheesy music can be a great pick-me-up but its for parties or small doses not relentlessly piped across a bar on tuesday afternoon. As for Radio 1 – its either for the under 18’s or nightclubs – not pubs.
It also seems reasonable to me that different times and different days have different moods and that even without live music a pub can be somewhere to hear new music or things you would not normally listen to. I am happy that our pub leans towards metal, hedging rock, blues and folk in varying degrees but I want other pubs to offer other sounds.

More Thoughts?


Any Thoughts?

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