Disability: Other #3 -Diagnosis?

Alternative Title: A Heirarchy of Crazy: Madder than Thou

Inspired by This post.

How important is the diagnosis/label given to you by your mental health professionals?
As I have commented before I think of myself not so much as suffering from a mental illness or disabled as having a mind that occasionally makes the world difficult to navigate. I live with my special form of crazy and some days are better than others and my perception of myself and others is probably out-of-the normal spectrum. But not everyone feels like that and not everyone deals with it like that.

A diagnosis can mean a lot of things to different people: for some its a relief to have a recognised condition with recognised treatments and a pathway to being normal again or at least something to blame for those troublesome feelings/thoughts/voices; for some its a pass into crazy club where the cool, intelligent arty types hang out; Others don’t want to be one of ‘Them’, the mad and possibly dangerous; others fear that everything about them has become a symptom or that they are defined by the description of their illness or personality.

This can lead to a couple of things – that some types of madness are more real, serious or dangerous and that we have something to live up to or battle against.. An internalising of an idea about who we are created for us by someone writing down a diagnosis on a piece of paper.


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