Beer is Boring.

Or rather more specifically there is an awful lot of boring beer and sometimes its very difficult not to write off a beer as a generic middle-of-the-road mid-golden lightly hopped non-entity.
The problem probably does not lie with the brewers in this instance but rather with me – not only am I easily bored but I try a lot of beer on a regular basis without a ‘trained’ palate sifting through complexities and nuances which might rescue many a pint. It is hard to get excited about even quite a good beer when you expect no less – what might make me exceedingly happy in a real ale desert barely registers as it passes the pumps in front of me.
In the end I only remember the dreadful, the fantastic and the weird – be that the daft name or the ‘concept’ beer – so I’d like to apologise to all those brewers out there working their socks off who get no more than a shrug for the beer I am pouring.

On the other hand… here are some of the beers that have caught my attention recently

  • Purple Moose: Ysagwen 4% (elderflower beer)
  • Binghams: Old Ale 4.5% – not tried yet
  • Saltaire: Stateside IPA 6% – not tried yet
  • Revolution: Scream 4.5% (Red Ale) -Not tried yet
  • Arbor: Breakfast Stout 7.4% (oats and coffee) – more please!
  • Dark Star: Saison 4.5% (Belgian Saison style)
  • Roosters: Juniper IPA 5%
  • St Austell: Proper Black 5% – not tried yet

yum yum

Any Thoughts?

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