Community Mental Health Team

So Sleepy has been allowed home..
He is officially deemed well enough to take care of himself, told to take his meds, and been offered (or possibly given the condition that he take) care from the local community mental health team. So what does this actually mean?

Well the Royal College of Psychiatrists produces a handy leaflet to explain the role of the team and the people involved (which is much more helpful than the info provided by our local council!).
But as far as Sleepy is concerned – he is expecting a couple of weeks of hospital meetings to check on his progress and maybe a phonecall once a month from a Nurse.

Now its good to see him brighter, socialising, planning for the future and generally making progress but forgive me for thinking that a couple of psychologist meetings post-psych ward and nurse giving you a quick ring once in a while isn’t really after-care or learning skills to help you prevent psychotic break-down.
The theory is good but if this is looking after people I want better, we are told thats what we can and should get but it is still easier to hand out the pills and hope it all goes away.

Where are the back-to-work teams that the government promised? Where is the increased access to talking therapies?


Any Thoughts?

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