Digital Tools in Research

I have been invited to take part in a project demonstrating the use of digital tools to young researchers as part of the research-skills initiative at the university and I am trying to think about how to formulate my experience into words.

Since I don’t use any particular tools for data gathering (as the piles of paper on my office floor attest) the key areas are: mind-mapping, RSS feeds and social networking.

  • Mind-maps – This is something I genuinely thought I would never use a computer for, let’s be honest you draw some squiggles on a piece of paper right? Well I got the software through the DSA to help me with planning and dealing with concentration loss and actually I am really pleased with it. Not only do you never run out of space but it allows you to add notes and timelines as well. Awesome.
  • RSS – Why do more journals not produce RSS feeds letting you check up on abstracts of the latest articles? Its obvious that this is the way we need to be able to keep up with new research dammit.
  • Social Networks – I’m not sure if I have quite got the hang of yet and this whole publicising my research and my skills isn’t a strong suit; but facebook groups for seminars and reading groups that post abstracts and questions.. that’s got to be good.

So the next step is seeing what questions they pose and contemplating my digital future….


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